During a recent interview with The Eddie Trunk Podcast, Canadian guitarist and also famous record producer, Bryan Adams, has opened up about some of the greatest songs of KISS that he was the co-writer on them.

As you may already know, Bryan Adams is known as one of the most talented stars of the history of Canada and he has worked with many legends like KISS, David Bowie, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, T-Rex, and many more. He is also the most played musician on Canadian radios in the 2010s.

In his latest interview, Bryan Adams has talked about how did they come up with ‘War Machine,’ ‘Creatures Of The Night,’ and ‘Rock And Roll Hell.’ While these tracks are considered KISS’ most heavy-metal records ever, the songs could not be successful commercially.

Bryan shares the story of the recording and preparation process of the tracks in his latest interview with Eddie Trunk and showed his appreciation for KISS stars while he was a broken songwriter these days.

Here is what he said:

“I think what happened was – they had recorded ‘Rock and Roll Hell’ and asked me to come down… You’d have to get Gene’s version of this, but he asked me to come down and meet with them, and maybe help out on some other songs, and so I thought, ‘OK.’

I went down to Los Angeles and Gene had a guitar riff, and we didn’t have a song. And I thought it was a pretty cool guitar riff, and I didn’t finish the idea when I was in LA, but I took it back to Vancouver and started working on it.”

He continued:

“And sat down with Jim [Vallance, songwriter], and we came up with ‘War Machine.’ Again, I was always thinking about the live context of things, and that’s interesting you should tell me that that song is still on their live show because that’s exactly what I was thinking, that you could make this a really exciting song based on the lyrical content.

And they recorded that. I think that was 1981, so I was a broke songwriter and really grateful for the opportunity, and to this day still very grateful for the opportunity.”

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