Josh Todd recently talked about his tattoos that cover all of his body. He told the story over the regret he had with his first tattoo and how he got it covered.

Todd is mainly known for being the vocalist of the band Buckcherry, formed in 1995. After performing seven years together, the band went on a hiatus later to reunite in 2005. The vocalist Todd took the opportunity of the hiatus to start creating solo work and released ‘You Made Me’ in 2003.

The singer is one of the heavily tattoed performers who like to show artwork on his skin. Hence, he tends to grab a lot of attention with his tattoos, and naturally, people wonder whether they have special meanings or not. While some might get tattoos that have special meanings to them, others prefer them for the aesthetics. However, there is a third category; drunken tattoos.

For instance, Todd’s first tattoo ever was something he regretted because he was drunk, and he just picked a design from the catalog. He stated that he got a picture of Betty Boop and regretted it the day after. Even though his body is covered in tattoos, he didn’t want Betty Boop on his body, so he got it covered.

Here is the story about Todd’s first tattoo:

“It was a really bad decision. It’s here, but I got it covered up. I was really drunk, and I was in a tattoo parlor, and I picked it off the wall. It was Betty Boop. It was just a stupid, fun tattoo. I was with my friends and got it, and it was a bad choice.

I woke up in the morning, and I was, like, ‘F*ck, man.’ And I got it covered up when I got serious about tattooing. And that was that. But I think everybody who’s heavily tattooed has one of those stories, for sure.”

You can watch the interview below.