During a recent conversation with Classic Rock, Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd was asked about his thoughts on how the pandemic will affect the future of rock music. Todd stated that online marketing is now getting very important for rock bands.

Buckcherry released their ninth studio album ‘Hellbound’ on June 25, 2021, and later on, they announced their North American tour for the promotion of the new album. However, the tour was interrupted by the pandemic and they had to cancel some shows when the two members tested positive for COVID.

As we all know, it didn’t happen to only Buckcherry as many other bands had to cancel some of their shows, which disturbed their plans and led to a lot of rearrangements. During the time of lockdown, the bands had to find other ways to promote their music as they didn’t have a chance to perform live.

In the conversation with Classic Rock, Josh Todd talked about the effects of the pandemic on the rock music industry and said that the situation was not good also before the pandemic. Todd also added that the pandemic forced the bands to discover new ways of building a fan base and promoting their music.

According to Josh Todd, online marketing is now a very significant chance for the bands to make their voices heard. He noted that if they act cleverly, they can easily attract the attention of the listeners in the online platforms.

Here is how Josh Todd explained the importance of online marketing:

“Rock wasn’t in a good place before the pandemic. All bands can do now is build their own tiny empire. I feel that online marketing has become invaluable for bands to promote themselves. These days people have an attention span of just five seconds, so it’s easy for your album release to go under the radar unless you are savvy.”

Buckcherry recently announced that after their North American tour, they will also be touring with Alice Cooper in spring 2022. Alice Cooper will be promoting his new album ‘Detroit Stories’ and Buckcherry will also appear in the tour as the guest band.