Bullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck spoke in an interview with Radio Bob! and revealed the story of how he met with Metallica when he was 14. Here’s the statement:

“I take myself to being a 14-year-old kid and going back into that kind of headspace. And Metallica has always been the reason for any of this happening in the first place.

So to maybe hear them giving one of our songs a little bit of makeover would be a pretty special moment for us. And I think they would do it justice, especially the older stuff. Maybe a song like ‘Scream Aim Fire’, ’cause that song was just basically built around what they’ve always done — it’s thrashy, it’s edgy, it’s intense, it’s got riffs for days, it’s got multiple guitar solos.

So I think they could probably do a kick-ass cover of that. That’d be good.”

He praised Metallica’s Black album and said:

“I was first introduced to Metallica’s music when I saw the “Enter Sandman” video on MTV when he was 14 years old. And that was it — I just fell in love with the sound and the intensity of it and the imagery of that video. It just captured me, and from that moment, that’s what I wanted to do.

So I kind of focused all my efforts, even at 14 years old, to sitting down, learning to play guitar by myself. I didn’t take any lessons or anything. I just stuck on the ‘Black Album’ and off I went — I just kind of learned it from my ears, worked it all out. And that’s that, really. So, the moment I got the opportunity to, kind of, jam with other boys, Metallica was always that band, as we first all started to play those songs together.

So we weren’t a Metallica and Nirvana cover band as such — we were just playing songs from multiple bands, like Slayer, Machine Head and Pantera. Loads of stuff. But Metallica and Nirvana were the two bands that our group of friends would most listen to, so that was what we were trying to play.”

You can watch the entire interview from below. Click here to source of the text.