In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Bullet For My Valentine’s Matt Tuck shared his thoughts about the Slayer record ‘Divine Intervention’ that changed his life. He said that Tom Araya‘s vocals shine through the album.

Bullet For My Valentine vocalist Matt Tuck has played to thousands of fans worldwide since the band began to headline shows. The band was mentioned alongside the biggest metal bands in the UK since Iron Maiden.

This type of recognition brought them the ‘the next Metallica’ slogan, which is what every band wanted to achieve when they started their musical journey. To get anywhere near one of the greats was no small feet. Like most artists in the industry, Matt Tuck had defining moments with his favorite musicians, one being Slayer, that influenced him to strive for nothing but the top.

Matt Tuck stated that Slayer kept to the sound they created until the end of their time as a band. He gave the example of ‘Dittohead,’ which perfectly showcased the Slayer style. Tuck added that the Divine Intervention album makes Tom Araya’s vocals stand out. It’s merely impossible to confuse his vocals with someone else. He finally said that he was disheartened that Slayer decided to quit the business so soon as there was so much Slayer could contribute to the music industry.

Matt Tuck’s thoughts about Tom Araya’s voice:

“How can you not listen to Slayer when you’re 15 and full of anger and energy? They are what they are and have never been anything else, and good on them. ‘Dittohead’ is a gnarly song from the Divine Intervention album and goes right from the first second. There’s no building or trying to be cool or inventive; it’s pure Slayer style.

Tom Araya’s vocal is unmistakable, and I struggled to get my ears and head around it at first because it’s such a pure punch to the face of an album. They’re Slayer – one of the best that’s ever been, and I’m gutted they called it a day when they did as they had so much life still in them.”

You can listen to the ‘Divine Intervention’ album below.