Cannibal Corpse bassist and co-founding member, Alex Webster, gave a new interview to Joel Mclver of ‘Bass Player’ #and talked about many things from his rare disease to the latest studio album of the band named ‘Violence Unimagined.’

The fifteenth studio album of Cannibal Corpse was released on April 16, 2021. It features eleven unique tracks and it’s the first album of the band since 2017’s ‘Red Before Black.’ The album also features three tracks that were written by Alex and it peaked at the No. 1 spot in the ‘Swedish Hard Rock Albums‘ list.

While sharing his thoughts on the new album, Webster also revealed that he has a really rare neurological problem named ‘Focal dystonia‘ which causes the fingers to either curl into the palm or extend without control. According to the Cannibal Corpse bassist, the first time he noticed this issue, it was a highly confusing and frightening experience.

Here is what Alex said about his disease during his recent interview:

“Focal dystonia is essentially an injury, but not the kind of injury that people would normally think of – it’s not carpal tunnel, or a tendon problem, or something like that. It’s essentially a neurological problem, and it happens in a lot of disciplines that require precise, repetitive movements, and not just in music.”

He continued by sharing the symptoms:

“The normal fingerpicking that I would do would become very strained. It seemed as if my pointer finger would be going left instead of down. When I first noticed something was going wrong, it was very confusing and frightening.

I was like, ‘What’s going on with my right hand? Why isn’t it behaving the way it’s behaved for the past 30 years?'”

In the same conversation, Alex admitted that it feels so strange to release a new album and not be able to make a live show. He also shared that Cannibal Corpse thought about delaying the release date a little bit but they changed their mind by deciding to make a live stream later this year.