New York-based American death metal band Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel of ‘Metal Master Kingdom’ this week and talked about the band’s latest album named ‘Violence Unimagined‘ as well as the members of his dream supergroup.

The latest ever album of Cannibal Corpse named ‘Violence Unimagined’ released on April 16, 2021, and it features eleven never-released-before tracks, including a Digipak CD, Standart Artwork, and 28-Page Booklet. The first single of the album named ‘Inhumane Harvest’ was released last month, and it got a half-million views on YouTube so far.

In the interview, he asked, in a fantasy situation, if he’s to put together a dream band who he would choose on vocals, guitar, and drums. While Webster named many stars he worked with like Anders Johansson and Megadeth star Kiko Loureiro, he also named Judas Priest frontman, Rob ‘The Metal God’ Halford.

Here is the statement of Webster:

“Well, I guess I should probably exclude people I’ve already worked with. Because I have to say, obviously, being a Cannibal Corpse is a dream come true, and the positions in the band are awesome.

And then I’ve had a couple of side projects that you can’t ask for much more, really, than to be able to jam with guitar players and drummers like the ones I have in Blotted Science and Conquering Dystopia. So I’ve already had a couple of dream bands, including the one I’m in, truthfully, it’s just such a great situation musically. But let me think, I’ll just pick out the fantasy band real quick.

I’d love to jam with [drummer] Anders Johansson, you would know him from Hammerfall, and he’s great in that band, and I like Hammerfall, but what I really love that he’s done is an album with one of my favorite bass players, a guy named Jonas Hellborg, and he’s been on a couple of albums with him.”

He continued:

“And my favorite one is the album ‘E’ – just the letter ‘e,’ by the Jonas Hellborg Group. That would be a blast to work with Anders Johansson on something, I love his drumming, especially on that album ‘E,’ so make him a drummer.

Guitar player – like I said, I’ve already kind of hit the jackpot with guitar players. The guy is playing in Megadeth now – Kiko Loureiro, that would be a great one. So I’ll just pick him because I’m actually a big fan of his solo work and also the stuff he’s done in Angra.

I need a singer now, right? I’m going to go with Rob Halford if we’re really dreaming. So there’s my band – Rob Halford, Kiko Loureiro, and Anders Johansson.”

You may watch the whole interview below.

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