If Metallica’s New Songs Were On “And Justice For All” Album

Youtube Channel Guitar Razze, had some different experiment to new Metallica songs, "Hardwired" and "Moth Into Flame". We are looking at this videos, if this songs...

James Hetfield Explains The Special Meanings Behind His Tattoos

In an interview with Metallica's frontman James Hetfield, he talked about his tattoos and revealed the special meanings behind his tattoos. Interviewer asked "so the cross...

Metallica Played New Song ‘Moth Into Flame’ Live for First Time

Metallica performed their new track "Moth Into Flame" live in concert for the first time ever during their latest show at the Webster Hall in New...

Funny Video: How Kids React to Metallica’s “Hardwired” And Other Songs

Metallica's new album "Hardwired... To Self Destruct" was released on November 18, 2016. How do the kids react to the first song "Hardwired" on...

Metallica Release New Live Video Footage: A Fan Wearing “James Hetfield for President” Shirt

Metallica have released a video of their performance of  For Whom The Bell Tolls on September 27 at Webster Hall in New York City. The video shows...

Funny Scene from Supernatural: “I’m Doctor James Hetfield”

Supernatural, 01x04. Dean Winchester introduces himself as "Dr. James Hetfield"

10 Second-Fun: Shirtless Guy Headbanging to Slayer in the Middle of Hurricane Matthew

Florida man Lane Pitmann posted video of headbanding to Slayer classic "Raining Blood" in the middle of hurricane Matthew. He is shirtless, with an...

Video: If Kirk Hammett Played Guitar For AC/DC and More Bands

Youtuber guitarist SteveTerreberry prepared a very funny video about Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. If you enjoy what you see here and want to take in more of...

Cover Compilation: 50+ Musician Sings Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

Youtuber TheAxlErmin, shared a new video compilation of Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, including 50+ musician.

James Hetfield’s 10 Unforgettable Moments

Here is the 10 unforgettable moments of Metallica frontman James Hetfield. In the video, he talked on the Cliff Burton and mentioned his rehabilitation process.  You can...

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