Metallica – Welcome Home (Orion) – Demo Record 1985 (w/ Alternate Lyrics)

Recorded on July 14, 1985 for Master Of Puppets demos. Lyrics: Blood ran red when the moon was high Lonely wolf gave an evil cry Sacrifice with...

Metallica’s James Hetfield – Holy Wars (Megadeth Cover – Vocal Impression)

Here's the what if Metallica frontman James Hetfield sings Megadeth's classic song "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due". Nico Borie says: "My humble but utopic attempt to...

Metallica Shares Unreleased Live Performance Video: One -1996

American metal band Metallica has shared unreleased live performance video of their classic song "One" in honor of And Justice For All's 30th anniversary. They...

Probably the Weirdest Led Zeppelin Cover You’ve Ever Heard

Robot rockstars The Cybertronic Spree has performed the legendary song from Led Zeppelin called "Immigrant Song" at the recent show. They stated: "Robot rockstars in disguise, The...

Metallica – And Justice For All (Studio Version – Medley)

Metallica's fourth studio album "And Justice For All" was released on August 25, 1988. This album was the first Metallica album since the death...

Metallica – Harvester of Sorrow (1995 Live – Rock The Castle)

Band name: Metallica Date: August 26, 1995 Venue: Donington Park Location: Castle Donington, England T our name: Escape From the Studio '95 Track listing: Harvester Of Sorrow One Enter...

Video List: 17 Best Metallica Riffs Not Released On Studio Albums

Youtuber Andriy Vasylenko has shared a new video list that showing 17 Metallica riffs not used on studio albums.

Lars Ulrich Explains Why Metallica Cut Their Hair Short?

Lars Ulrich was asked one of those omnipresent Metallica questions: Why did they cut their hair back in the day, and "what was the...

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters (Instrumental Version)

By request and because it's just a great song, here's an instrumental version in it's original tuning, enjoy.

Metallica – Seek and Destroy (Demo – with Dave Mustaine and Ron McGovney)

No Life 'til Leather was recorded on July 6, 1982. It is Metallica's most widely circulated demo tape. Seek and Destroy - Dave Mustaine.

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