Nickelback co-founder and also the lead vocalist/guitarist of the band, Chad Kroeger, has shared a new message via Nickelback‘s official Instagram account today and thanked all of his fans for celebrating his birthday.

After celebrating his 46th birthday three weeks ago, Chad Kroeger hasn’t had any chances to thank his fanbase, since he does not use any social media accounts. Today, he used Nickleback’s verified page to send his love and great wishes to his fans with a belated message.

As you might already know, the music industry knows Chad as the former spouse of Avril Lavigne as well as being the vocalist of Nickelback. The couple has separated after two years of marriage back in 2015. While lots of his friends from social media have celebrated Chad’s birthday, his ex-wife Avril chose not to send a message to her ex.

Just in ten hours, Chad’s message has been liked by over 8K followers of Nickelback. Also, some of the fans who forgot to celebrate Chad’s birthday had a chance to send their belated celebration message.

Here is what Chad Kroeger said:

“A little late, but I wanted to thank everyone for the heartfelt birthday wishes you sent me a few weeks ago. I did see them all and wanted each of you to know how appreciative and incredibly humbled I am. You all are the best. Thank you so much!”

You can see the post below.