Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante talked about how he has become the main songwriter for the band during a recent appearance on Drum For The Song.

In the conversation, Charlie pointed out that he couldn’t convey what is going on in his head to someone else while he was playing drums and he needed to learn the instruments because of that.

Therefore, the drummer of the band learned how to play guitar. Charlie said that he started taking over the musical parts of the songwriting process as the guitarist of the band Scott Ian handled the lyrics for the second album, ‘Spreading The Disease.’

Spreading The Disease is the second studio album that released in 1985. It was also the first album that featured vocalist Joey Belladonna and bassist Frank Bello. Also, the album has only one single, Madhouse.

Here is what Charlie Benante said:

“How it happened was I couldn’t really convey what I was hearing in my head through drumming to someone else, so I had to teach myself how to play another instrument, which turned out to be guitar, because it came very natural to me; it was easy.

And that’s how I would do it. I would just put tons of riffs on tapes and then, just later on, listen back and compile ’em and just make a song out of them, and then bring it to the band. And that’s how it happened.

And basically, it was after our first album when we lost our singer, and we went in to start writing, which would be the ‘Spreading The Disease’ record, our second album, and Scott basically took over a lot of the lyrics; that was his department.

So I stepped up and took over the main musical side of things. And that’s how it was, and that’s how it is.”

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