During his latest interview with Talk Toomey Podcast, Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante looked back on his time with the band. Benante stated that he realized that everything passed so quickly.

The band has been hitting the rock stage for over forty years with their best-selling albums and concerts that millions of people attended. Throughout their long journey in the music industry, Anthrax underwent several lineup changes and worked with different musicians, including Neil Turbin, John Bush, Rob Caggiano, and Dan Spitz.

They also reunited with their former member, Joey Belladonna, with whom the other Anthrax members parted ways because of personal and creative differences. For their 40th anniversary, Anthrax icons recalled their unforgettable moments in last year’s documentary, which consisted of ten episodes.

In his conversation, Benante revealed that it was fun to remember those memories and great to learn different people’s stories and perspectives. The drummer admitted they had ups and downs, but it’s pretty normal for a band that stuck together for such a long time. Benante highlighted that forty years went by too fast, which he regretted. Although it was exhausting at some points, he has enjoyed his time with Anthrax.

Here’s what Benante said:

It was fun to look back. Matt and I were talking about the documentary series that we put together. It was great to get everybody involved, speaking about a certain story or record and getting their point of view.

It was all positive; there was some negativity throughout the history of the band, but what band doesn’t have that? So, for me, it was reliving those days, and I guess there’s one thing I regret. It went by too fast, and sometimes for me, it’s like if I’m on tour, ‘Man, can’t wait for this to be over.’ You look back at it and say, ‘Wow, that went too fast.'”

It seems that Anthrax will continue to collect more memories with their ongoing US Tour and upcoming European concerts to celebrate their 40th anniversary, which they postponed because of COVID-19.

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