Chester Bennington’s brother-in-law John Knehr has shared his thoughts about the claims against Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda.

As you remember, Chester Bennington’s sister Tobi (John’s wife) claimed that Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda of mistreating Chester throughout the years. She also claimed that her Twitter account was hacked and she was silenced after her claims against Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda.

Then, Chester’s ex-wife supported Tobi and said:

“My sister-in-law speaks the truth. I just got off the phone with her and my son and I support her!”

Today, Chester Bennington’s brother-in-law has shared a series of tweets and clarfied the all claims against Mike Shinoda. He said:

Tob’s account wasn’t hacked… We don’t know who took it down! I’m sure she’ll put up another Twitter account in a few days. She’s struggling with this BS Mike Vs. Chester and she finally had enough.

Being in a band [called Nice Guy Johnny] myself, there’s always disagreements often it makes the music better sometimes it breaks a band up. In this case, the clash between the two was something that grew over time. I don’t know why but we saw it first-hand over many years. But it doesn’t take away from there music! That’s band business, not Twitter bait!

Tobi is fine – upset, absolutely – but fine nevertheless. We don’t know who or why her account was taken down. Chester did an awesome job of keeping Tob and his Mom out of the public eye now we see why! It can be very viscous and I don’t know if she’ll come back online again!”

A fan asked ‘Why is this public? To be honest and no disrespect to you or Tobi – why would private matters be on Twitter?’ and he responded:

“This is the problem with social media. You hear everything! As it grows and your name grows, you no longer get to not hear everything because it’s everywhere! My wife was tired of hearing and seeing things we know aren’t true and upsetting to her, so she let it out.

Was it right?!? I don’t know, we believe in keeping personal matters personal. When you’re in the public eye, I guess that’s hard! Add history and it’s tougher still! Personality differences don’t change the accomplishments! Disrespect though is hard!

He continued:

“Now you’re getting warm on one of the main themes that hurt my wife. Mike having the crowd sing Chester’s parts! So wrong! Hire a new lead singer and go out as LP 2.0! That we all support. But he’s profiting on fans’ grief! That’s wrong and sad!

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