As you remember, Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s brother-in-law John Knehr has revealed that what they (as Chester’s family) want to Linkin Park members and Mike Shinoda. He said:

“We don’t expect the guys from LP to not move on. We support them in the future if they do chose to get another lead singer that can do justice to the old songs and make the new ones his or her own! Better than a one man band using the crowd to sing parts he can’t! NGJ”

Yesterday, a fan mentioned him on Twitter and showed the Alternative-Nation’s article about their claims against Mike Shinoda. John has reacted and said ‘I’m really done with it’. Here’s the statement:

“At Least they got what I said right! You know I’d never know about that post if no one sent it to me!!!! I’m really done with this it’s still about #StopTheStigma and not losing anyone else!!”

Two days ago, Linkin Park bassist Dave Phoenix Farrell spoke in an interview with Volume West and revealed the future plans of Linkin Park. He said:

“The five of us, we still love getting a chance to hang out. We hang out quite a bit. I think we will do music again. We all want to. We all still enjoy being together and being around each other.”

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