Yesterday, Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s brother-in-law John Knehr has shared a statement on Twitter and clarified the claims against Mike Shinoda. Click here to details.

Today, he has shared new statements about the Mike Shinoda claims and revealed what they expect from Mike.

A fan asked:

“Would you guys seriously want to see LP with a new singer though? That would be even worse to me.”

John responded and revealed what they expect from Mike Shinoda:

“We don’t expect the guys from LP to not move on. We support them in the future if they do chose to get another lead singer that can do justice to the old songs and make the new ones his or her own! Better than a one man band using the crowd to sing parts he can’t! NGJ”

Then, a fan said:

“We don’t want your wife to have pain because we are singing Chesters part. Please…we love Chester, we love Mike, we love Linkin Park & we do not want to choose❣ We want to continue to #MakeChesterProud and I’m really sure this is a thing he would have loved❣”

John responded again and said:

We want and love hearing fans singing along with the music! That what every artist dreams of! But put the band back together get a lead singer that can do them justice and make the new one him or her own! Not this karaoke show! If that’s not support I don’t know what is! NGJ”

You can reach the tweets from below.

Click here to Chester Bennington’s sister, Tobi’s claims against Mike Shinoda.