The former drummer of Chester Bennington’s earlier band named Grey Daze and also the author of ‘Tattooed Millionaire,’ Sean Dowdell, was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel of Anne Erickson to talk about his band with the late, great Chester Bennington and their new album named ‘Amends…Stripped.’

As the whole rock music industry will remember, Chester was one of the most iconic figures of his era and managed to change the genre of nu-metal forever. Unfortunately, he committed suicide by hanging himself back in 2017 and passed away from this world at the age of 41.

In his latest interview, Grey Dze founding member and drummer Sean Dowdell talked about Chester’s mental problems before he committed suicide and admitted that he still can not understand why Chester decided to do something like that while they were working on a new business location together.

Here is what Dowdell said in his latest interview:

“Over the years, he did struggle in several different areas. But in the weeks and months leading up to his life-ending choice, I guess, is the best way I can put that, I did not sense anything. I talked to him two nights before he passed. He was on top of the world. He was excited about starting rehearsals. He was excited about a lot of things. We were working on a new business location together. I didn’t sense anything.

Now, eight or nine months before that, my wife sensed something in him and said, ‘Chester’s not right. Something’s off.’ And I said, ‘No, no, no. He’s just trying to go for a new look or whatever.’ And she said, ‘No. I can see something in his eyes.’

And she literally said that to me. And I just blew it off, like, ‘No. I don’t think so.’ And then, of course, what happened, happened. And it’s easy to look back and go, ‘Oh, yeah. She saw it.’ But you never truly know what’s happening in someone’s mind.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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