Late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington’s sister, Tobi Bennington has shared a new photo on her Instagram page, and she penned an emotional letter to her brother, Chester.

You might see in the picture right below, Tobi Bennington revealed the special items of Chester Bennington and she wrote about Chester’s legacy after his suicide.

Here’s what Tobi wrote:

“Please #CelebrateChestersLife whenever the moment strikes you. Let us not limit his remembrance to a day or date. My brother’s accomplishments will last an eternity. His lessons were meant to change our time in this world.

I think he’d wonder why we don’t have a #CelebrateMotherTheresa or a #MakeGandhiProud. He was inspired by the great #ChangeMakers who walked our planet and I believe that his works reflected their light.

To be inspired by Chester Bennington, is to continue the quest for eternal love, no matter what. (Thanks for listening;) 💜”

A user commented and said this:

“Wonderful words❤❤❤❤merry christmas tobi for you and your family😘😘”

Another fan wrote this:

“Great words!!! He was a special soul who walked on this planet…Merry Christmas dear ❤️❤️”

Check out the Instagram post below.