Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has passed away on July 20, 2017. Today, Chester’s sister Tobi broke her silence about the ‘rivalry between Chester and Mike.’

She shared the lyrics of Linkin Park’s “Halfway Right” and said ‘This is how I feel about Mike vs. Chester. Someday the truth will come out.’.

Here’s the statement:

“My #LPFamily,

“I scream at myself when there’s nobody else to fight; I don’t lose, I don’t win, if I’m wrong then I’m halfway right; I know what I want but it feels like I’m paralyzed.”

This is how I feel about Mike vs. Chester. Someday the truth will come out. #OfficialChesterDay”

Then She responded some tweets that posted by Linkin Park fans and said:

Watching everyone talk about my brother and Mike has been causing me to have anxiety attacks and it feels cruel at times. I’m sorry for the pain this will cause. I need to take the bandage off. I pray you will support me.

This does hurt and I’m sorry. The focus needs to be on LP as a whole. Not as separate relationships. As a whole, LP had a solid bond. Individually this was not the case. I can’t pretend any longer.

Individually they were not all ‘brothers’ but as for LP, that was a brotherhood. They were not best friends. Knowing how Mike treated my brother… It wasn’t kind. For the sake of LP, they maintained a united front. And it worked but now the lie needs to stop.”

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