The widow of late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, Talinda Bennington, had a new interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and revealed a never-told-before truth about the suicide of her late husband.

Talinda claimed that Chester was in his best condition for almost six months before he committed suicide all of a sudden.

As you might all remember, Chester was found dead at his home in California. According to the police forces, Chester’s death ruled a suicide by hanging.

Here is what Talinda told to CNN:

“That was probably the most terrifying thing to realize after he had died — was to just look back and think of almost how foolish we were to think that he was so okay, because outwardly he seemed so okay.

He’s not here to speak for himself to let us know how he felt in those moments or leading up to it, but I can tell you, as his wife and as his best friend, the last six months, he truly was at his best.

And he was doing all he could to stay healthy and sober. [There was a] guitar that he picked up and had with him all the time. That was his meditation — he carried that thing with him everywhere.”

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