During the recent interview with ABC News podcast, “Life After Suicide,” widow of late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, Talinda Bennington revealed that she’s feeling that Chester is in a good place right now after his suicide in July 2017.

Talinda also revealed the thing that Chester would’ve never wanted if he was alive.

Here is her statement:

“I can’t emphasize [that] enough. If you knew Chester, you would know that he was in a good place, in such a good place.

They were reaching out, saying how sad they were and how they didn’t think they could go on because Chester couldn’t. And I knew that that’s the last thing Chester would’ve wanted.

I’ll jump from the back seat and change the station, I’ll jump out of the car if I have to. That’s just a visceral reaction I still have to this day… It’s just too painful.

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