Children Of Bodom recently shared an Instagram post to announce that Alexi Laiho‘s ashes are finally buried nearly one year after his passing.

Alexi Laiho was struggling with alcohol addiction for a long time prior to his passing. Unfortunately, his heavy alcohol abuse became the cause of his untimely death. On January 4, 2021, his passing was announced on Laiho’s official Facebook page without giving any official cause.

In the announcement, it was stated that he passed away at his Helsinki home due to long-term health issues. Later on, the death date was confirmed to be December 29, 2020, and a private funeral service for the musician was held on January 28, 2021.

According to his legal wife Kimberly Goss, Laiho died due to alcohol-induced degeneration of the liver and pancreas connective tissue. Besides, a mixture of painkillers, opioids, and insomnia medication was found in his system.

As seen in Children Of Bodom’s recent Instagram post, Laiho’s remains were finally laid to rest after a year-long controversy between his family and Goss. In the post, the band stated that they consider this as a final goodbye to Laiho after a stressful year. Following that, they said his family can grief in peace from now on.

Children Of Bodom’s Instagram post read:

“Alexi Laiho, our long-time friend has finally been laid to rest. After a stressful year, we consider this as a final goodbye and a closure of things. We hope his family can now grief in peace, and we wish them well.

Rest in peace, our friend.

Jaska, Henkka, and Janne.”

Back in March, Alexi’s sister Anna accused Goss of holding up the burial process and preventing his family from burying their own son. Goss then denied these claims and stated Alexi loved her, and she tried to help him prior to his death.

Although Alexi was still legally married to Kimberly Goss, the music publicist Kelli Wright claimed she married the musician three years before his passing. She also announced Alexi’s burial in a social media post on December 10.

In a Facebook post, Kelli Wright announced Alexi’s burial as:

“Finally, with extremely mixed emotions, I can announce my late, unconditionally, and forever loved husband’s ashes were buried yesterday on our 4th wedding anniversary. The family Laiho plot is where he was buried. Alexi and Kelli 2005 – eternity.”

You can check out Children Of Bodom’s Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Children Of Bodom – Instagram