The former member of Lam of God, Chris Adler had a new interview with Elliot In The Morning and revealed untold truths about the Lamb of God.

He also broke his silence about why he parted ways with the band with bold statements.

Here are his statements below.

“Willie and I have done it together. I wouldn’t call it a family business, but it’s kind of a cottage industry that we’ve put together, and it’s just unfortunate that we weren’t able to see eye-to-eye on it.”

Elliot In The Morning asked:

“Are things still “friendly” between you and Willie?”

Chris Adler responded:

“It is. You know, it’s blood. It’s kind of one of those things, and not that this is the case, but with family, there is a level of disrespect that’s somehow tolerated, [where] it wouldn’t be with friends or whatever.

And I don’t think there’s any real disrespect going on here in either direction. So, yeah, we’re gonna be fine.”

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