In an interview with Eon Music, former Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick explained why he left Megadeth. Here’s the statement:

“The fact that drummer Shawn Drover and I left Megadeth the same day was not a coincidence, but it was an individual decision for each of us.

I had honestly been thinking about parting ways for probably a year and a half. It was a heavy decision, and there were a lot of considerations. What tipped the scales was when Dave had called us and wanted to start working on the next CD, because for me, personally, I just knew my heart wasn’t in it.

I could just tell that I wasn’t ‘there,’ and I knew it was time to go off and do my own thing. And apparently, Shawn had pretty much the same feelings, because when he left, he actually quit six hours before I did, and when he did that, I knew he had made the right decision, so I decided to leave as well.

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