Former Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick left the band in 2015. He formed the “Act of Defiance” band with ex-drummer of Megadeth, Shawn Drover.

Successful guitarist Chris Broderick made explanations about himself and the guitar technique in the introduction video of Ernie Ball. He said:

“I really do think that I play the guitar for a different reason than most guitarists. It wasn’t that the first time I heard Eddie Van Halen or went to a concert I was like, ‘Oh, I wanna be able to do that! I wanna be that guy!

I actually found the instrument and loved what it did. I remember when I was first learning how to play – just having fun, trying to see how long the particular pickup would sustain and then become feedback. It was just something about the instrument that drew me to it.”

He continue:

“Guitar playing to me, when I found out about it, was just this new world, something I think I’ve been looking for for a long time.

As soon as I picked up the guitar, I just pretty much knew it was it. I didn’t say it, it just became all-encompassing in everything I was doing all the time.”

You can watch the video from below.