Soundgarden is one of the important bands for rock music. Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains. According to a lot of people, they are the first grunge bands.

In an interview by Pearl Jam Radio, Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell was featured as guest. He told about Soundgarden’s first years. He said:

“It was one of those brand new band things, where we wrote probably 10 to 15 songs in a few weeks, really quickly. I got a sense of the sound of the three of us, and that it had its own unique identity, and it wasn’t like anything else. I just remember that as being this really euphoric moment, that we were inventing our own thing.

Soundgarden plans to release a new studio album in 2017. They may be in the studio for the record at this time.

You can reach the interview from below.