As you know, former Audioslave singer Chris Cornell has passed away on May 18, 2017. He was 51.

Cornell’s daughter, Toni Cornell has shared an emotional post on Instagram and broke her silence about her father’s death. She wrote:

“I’d appreciate it if people stopped commenting about loss and pain and sadness and sending condolences.

Yes, I will ALWAYS mourn the loss of my father but I created this acc to get away from that kind of stuff. Just because I captioned an emoji of a dying rose, does not mean I’m sad. It’s an emoji for crying out loud. Thank you and Love you guys always.”

After a while, she deleted the post. Click here to source of the statement.

Yesterday, Tom Morello has remembered the last time he saw late-bandmate Chris Cornell. He said:

“This is the last serious thing, but the last time I saw Chris, he was shining. He was great, he was as great as I had ever seen him. He was completely fulfilled and happy, in career and family, so you never know.

It’s always there somewhere, so if it ever surfaces, give me a call.”

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