Christopher Jr and Toni Cornell were interviewed by Ted Stryker from KROQ DF at the Grammy Awards ceremony. Yesterday, Chris Cornell won Best Rock Performance award with his one the latest songs, “When Bad Does Good”.

In an interview, Toni has shared what she thinks after her father’s Grammy win.

Interviewer asked:

“Hey everybody, it is Stryker and we are at the Grammy’s, I am with Christopher and Toni Cornell whose dad won tonight for When Bad Does Good for Best Rock Performance. Did you see your dad working on this project?”

Tony responded:

“I did, I mean he was always working, he was always doing what he loved the most and he was always working so hard. It was his passion so to see that and to see him win is just so rewarding but at the same time I wish he was here.”

Ted said:

“Christopher, what about you? When you heard that your dad had won and you were gonna be going up there. What was the first thing that kind of popped into your head?”

Chris Jr responded:

“I was happy; I was so overwhelmed, I was so proud that I was going to be able to accept along with my mom and sister of course. I was nervous obviously, but mostly just happiness for my dad and our family.”

Watch entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement. (Alternative Nation)