The Soundgarden’s late vocalist Chris Cornell’s daughter, Toni Cornell, wanted to take attention to the addiction problems by launching ‘Stop the Stigma: Tackling The Stigma Of Addiction Through Education.’

Toni wrote an emotional letter to explain why she decided to be a part of this project and revealed that her goal is the end the stigma of addiction while raising awareness of the people and children about the substance abuse disorder and how to prevent it.

In the letter, Toni mentioned the times when Chris was using drugs and alcohol and how he dealt with these problems alongside anxiety and depression. In this way, she can also honor her father’s legacy.

While touching upon the problems of addiction and the stigma behind it, she also made everybody shred in tears by showing how much Toni missed Chris into her life after the devastating death of his father back in 2017.

Toni wrote that she is missing her father every single day and said that Chris was everything to her. Also, he pointed out that Chris was so important for the other people and stated that there were lots of people who affected deeply by his music.

Here is the part of what Toni Cornell wrote:

“Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my dad. He was everything to me.

So many people were deeply affected by his life and his music. It is no exaggeration to say that he saved lives…

…My family will never know true peace as there is nothing anyone can do to bring him back. But we will continue to honor him by sharing his message of hope and trying to spare others from suffering the same pain.

Our mission is to see our dad’s legacy live on and to continue to positively impact lives. Education is paramount to not only understanding the disease, but also preventing it.”

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