Audioslave and Soundgarden‘s late frontman Chris Cornell‘s daughter Lily Cornell announced her initiative on Instagram in order to raise awareness about mental health in honor of her dad’s birthday.

The Iconic Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell had been suffering from depression for a long time before his death at the age of 52. Cornell was found dead in a hotel room on May 18, 2017, following his performance at the Fox theatre. His death later revealed as suicide by hanging himself. Chris’ family and fans all around the world were devastated by the news of his death.

If Chris Cornell were alive today, he would have been turned 56 years old on July 20th. His beloved family and fellow musicians didn’t forget to celebrate the talented musician’s life and shared many emotional messages on social media.

Recently, Chris’s daughter Lily Cornell Silver announced an initiative she started on Instagram named ‘Mind Wide Open.‘ Lily created a series of interviews where she welcomed people from different backgrounds to talk about mental health. As she mentioned in the caption of her post, Lily released the first episode of the series of interviews in honor of Chris’s birthday.

Here’s what Lily Cornell stated on the caption of her Instagram post:

Episode 1 – Laura Lipsky

Today, in honor of my dad’s birthday, here is the first episode of Mind Wide Open. I created this interview series with the goal of helping to normalize and destigmatize conversations around mental health, and if it can make even one person feel seen and heard I will have accomplished my goal. Thank you. ❤️

Content warning: suicide, racial violence”

You can watch the first episode of Lily Cornell’s interviews on her Instagram account below.