Daughter of Chris Cornell, Toni Cornell has shared a photo of herself with her dad, and paid tribute to fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld on Instagram.

As you know, Karl has passed away at the age of 85. Toni Cornell pens an emotional letter to Karn, and wrote:

“A few years ago I wore a shirt that said ‘Karl is my father’ to my first ever fashion show that was held for Saint Laurent. From the influence of my dad always telling me to express myself with the clothes I wore, I chose to wear that shirt, and a jacket that Karl Lagerfeld designed.

I’ve always had a love for the art of fashion since I was very little, Karl being my main inspiration. He also inspired me to become a photographer, showing that you could express yourself with not only fashion but photography as well.

He was an artist who will leave an everlasting mark on the world, and continue to pave the way for other artists like myself. Rest In Peace Karl. 💔💔”

See the photo and Instagram post below.

Back in November 2018, Toni has shared an open letter to her father on Instagram, and wrote:

“I’d appreciate it if people stopped commenting about loss and pain and sadness and sending condolences.

Yes, I will always mourn the loss of my father but I created this acc to get away from that kind of stuff. Just because I captioned an emoji of a dying rose, does not mean I’m sad. It’s an emoji for crying out loud. Thank you and Love you guys always.”

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