The daughter of Chris Cornell and talented vocalist, Toni Carnell, saddened the community with a heartbreaking photo of her dad on Instagram and showed her longing for Chris.

About three years ago, Audioslave’s frontman Chris Cornell was found unconscious on the ground by his bodyguard in his hotel room, and the doctors couldn’t bring him back to life. The police report was saying that he committed to suicide with a resistance band on his neck.

As you can see in the picture below, Chris was standing on the stage and interacting with the audience. Toni paid her tribute to her father again by sharing this picture of him and remembered his legacy.

Here is what Toni captioned:

“Eye spy… 💞”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Toni Cornell – Instagram

Two months ago, Toni Cornell shared another photo of her dad on Instagram and made an important announcement to remember his legacy.

In the picture, Toni was a little girl and Chris was hugging her on his lap. In the caption, Toni stated that she will donate a $20K for the International Rescue Committee and follow her dad’s path. Click here for the post.