During an interview with Eddie Trunk of SiriusXM, Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has revealed an untold story about his former bandmate Chris Cornell.

Actually, the story has shared by The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen to Tom Morello. Here’s the entire story:

“So Taylor had gone five-six shows on that tour with The Pretty Reckless without having met Chris Cornell, who was her hero and she couldn’t believe she was opening for. She had told me a story that the night Chris died, she was standing by the backstage door and Chris walked out towards the door because he had a car waiting and Soundgarden was done playing.

Much like you said when you saw him come down the stairs, it was almost like a trail of dry ice, and he’s wearing, like a cloak or something. Taylor was like ‘Oh my God, here he comes.’ She didn’t know what to do, if she should just introduce herself and say ‘thank you.’

She just froze up. Chris walked over to her and said, ‘hey Taylor, welcome to the tour, glad you’re on board, you’re going to do great thing in your career and so glad that you are with us.’ Which made her world as you could imagine, which gave her great excitement for the rest of the tour and the future.

That was the last time anybody had seen or heard from Chris Cornell. And that is just an incredibly unbelievable story but she had that moment, and I don’t know how many people recall but she was so devastated about Chris’ passing that The Pretty Reckless had a bunch of headline dates that she just cancelled, there were a lot of people worried about her.

She didn’t know Chris personally that well but that’s the impact that he had on her and at least she got that moment, literally just before he died.

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