Audioslave and Soundgarden’s late frontman Chris Cornell’s widow, Vicky Cornell, recently responded to Soundgarden members’ demand to receive the login information to the band’s social media pages and accused drummer Matt Cameron of provoking her online stalkers to abuse her and her children.

As you may recall, on May 18, 2017, millions all over the world and in the rock scene mourned the death of Soundgarden’s iconic frontman Chris Cornell. The late rockstar was found dead in his hotel room after a successful performance at the Fox Theatre and the cause of death was later revealed as suicide.

Since his passing, Chris’s widow Vicky Cornell has been doing her best to keep his legacy alive and protect his inheritance. However, since 2017, she has made it to the headlines of rock news multiple times due to her conflicts with the surviving Soundgarden members. In fact, just over a month ago, she had filed a lawsuit upon receiving a ‘villainously low’ offer from the band who proposed to purchase her stake.

Some days ago, Soundgarden’s remaining band members filed a claim in Washington with which they asked a judge to pursue Cornell to give them the login information to the band’s social media accounts and website, claiming that she’s locked them out. Following that, on April 1, Vicky Cornell and her lawyer Marty Singer posted some written statements on Chris Cornell’s official Instagram account.

In his statement, Marty Singer said that Vicky Cornell is not obligated to give the login details as she was the one who created the accounts, to begin with. She was the one who ‘devoted her personal time and money’ to grow these accounts and increase the popularity of the band, while the other members had no interest in social media. Furthermore, he added that Vicky has been managing these accounts for over a decade.

Marty Singer went on to say that the fact that the band members are unaware of the login details proves their ‘utter lack of involvement in creating, growing, and maintaining their alleged accounts.’ He finished his message by saying that the only reason they want them is to ‘maliciously defame Ms. Cornell‘ and provoke online stalkers (‘as Matt Cameron has done continuously’) to harass Vicky Cornell and her children.

Here’s what Vicky Cornell’s lawyer Marty Singer said in his statement:

“Ms. Cornell’s forthcoming motion will expose the truth about the Soundgarden’s supposed social media accounts. Ms. Cornell created the social media accounts; grew the accounts by allowing them to trade on Chris’ then-existing, popular accounts; devoted her personal time and money in growing these accounts as Soundgarden displayed absolutely no interest in social media (unless it was to promote their solo projects).

Ms. Cornell has overseen these accounts for close to a decade. The fact that Soundgarden is unaware of the user-names and passwords for their alleged ‘own’ accounts confirms their utter lack of involvement in creating, growing, and maintaining their alleged accounts.

Soundgarden solely wants the social media accounts in order to maliciously defame Ms. Cornell, provoke her online stalkers (as Matt Cameron has done continuously), and instigate third parties to harass Ms. Cornell and her minor children. Moreover, while they now claim a sense of urgency, Soundgarden’s claim are a stale repacking of the claims that they filed in the Florida court in May of 2020.”

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