On a recent Instagram post, Late Soundgarden legend Chris Cornell’s widow, Vicky Cornell, revealed the unknown letter she got from Chris before four days he passed away and saddened the fans with this emotional letter.

Chris Cornell’s bodyguard found him unconscious on the ground in the hotel room and called the emergency services. However, the doctors couldn’t bring him back to life, and the police reports wrote that he committed to suicide with a resistance band on his neck, on May 18, 2017.

Before four days he committed suicide, Chris celebrated the Mother’s Day of his lovely wife, Vicky, and shared his love for her by writing a letter. He was saying that Vicky is the most amazing mother anybody can imagine and noted that she is an inspiration for Chris.

Unfortunately for everybody, he passed away after celebrating this memorable day of his wife and made the fans shed tears who read this emotional letter from Chris.

Here is the letter from Chris Cornell:

“To my wife and my whole universe. My child bride who became the most amazing mother anyone could ever imagine. Your love and strength inspire awe and a deep sense of joy. To see you blossom into the lioness you have become both warm and nurturing but the fiercest of protectors.

We are all fortunate to bask in the warm glow of your bright light! From your loving husband and other half. I love you.”

You can check out the letter below.

Photo Credit: Vicky Cornell – Instagram