The Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s wife, Vicky Cornell, took her official Instagram account to share a new post and talked about the impressive fatherhood Chris presented when he was still alive.

Recently on Instagram, Vicky Cornell shared a video from fifteen years ago and said that this footage was taken only two days ago she gave birth to her son Christopher Nicholas Cornell. Vicky mentioned that she was having some because she couldn’t move out of her bed for months due to her pregnancy.

Luckily, Vicky had a husband like Chris who took their daughter Toni Cornell with him everywhere he goes. As you can see in the video below, Chris also looks very happy while taking care of his little daughter.

With her latest post, Vicky proved that Chris was a perfect person and a great father. Additionally, she showed her longing for the late singer once again and revealed that she is still seeking the support that Chris gave her back in the days.

Here is what Vicky Cornell wrote:

“15 years ago- these two…Just two days before I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy Christopher Nicholas Cornell.

I’d been stuck in bed for four months, while Chris toted our baby Toni Cornell with him everywhere! Here she is at Vh1 Big In ‘05 with daddy, #timmyc Brad Wilk debuting the first Audioslave onesie and making a naughty Miley Cyrus face at everyone’s favorite.”

You can check out the post below.