American rock supergroup Audioslave‘s late vocalist Chris Cornell‘s widow, Vicky Cornell, shared very emotional photos of Chris before his death on her official Instagram account and brought tears to his fans’ eyes.

Chris Cornell was found dead in his hotel room on May 18, 2017 due to suicide by hanging. His fans were devastated by the news and the music world was in mourning.

Vicky Cornell recently shared a series of photos of Chris Cornell and their godson to celebrate their godson’s birthday.

In the first photo, Chris is seen holding his godson gently during the baptism of the baby. In the second photo he is smiling and it is clear as day, he is happy to witness the ceremony.

The caption of the post read:

“Happy Birthday to our beautiful godson! I remember this like it was yesterday… your Godfather was so proud and we all love you so much 🤍🙏”

Chris Cornell fans were very emotional to see new photos of him before his death.

Richard Talmadge said:

“Love and miss him so.. listening to him as we speak ❤️❤️❤️ And Happy Birthday young man!! Here’s to many many more!”

Christina Torres commented:

“The way he held his godson is very telling. Your husband was nurturing and so loving and these pictures exemplify these wonderful traits. You were blessed to be loved by this man. Happy Birthday to your godson.”

Ivonne Caro said:

“That’s look on his face tells all you need to know about him. He was a good human being and meant to be a dad.”

You can see one of the photos Vicky Cornell shared below and click here to see the original Instagram post.

Photo Credit: Vicky Cornell – Instagram Post