Audioslave and Soundgarden’s late frontman Chris Cornell’s widow, Vicky Cornell, recently filed a new lawsuit against Audioslave upon receiving a ‘villainously lowoffer from the band who proposed to purchase the stake that she inherited from her late husband.

As you know, on May 18, 2017, the rock world mourned the passing of the iconic rockstar Chris Cornell. The 52 years old musician had been suffering from depression for a long time and a day after a successful performance at the Fox Theatre, Cornell was found dead in his hotel room. The cause of death was later revealed as suicide by hanging himself.

Since then, Vicky Cornell has been trying to keep her late husband’s legacy alive and protect his inheritance. During the past years, she has made it to news headlines numerous times due to her conflicts with the surviving Soundgarden members. Recently, Rolling Stone accessed some court documents and revealed that Vicky filed another lawsuit against the band members.

The court document said that Soundgarden received a $16 million dollar offer for their recorded music catalog. Upon that offer, the surviving band members reached out to Vicky Cornell and offered to buy her share for a ‘villainously low figure of less than $300,000.’ It is known that Cornell had previously offered to sell her shares for $21 million dollars and the offer was turned down by the band.

Cornell’s lawyer said that although the band members claim that this dispute has nothing to do with money, it obviously has. Following these events, Soundgarden’s representative said that the buyout offer was calculated by ‘respected music industry valuation expert Gary Cohen’ and that the band members have increased their offer multiple times to settle the dispute.

Soon after the news considering Soundgarden members’ ‘low figure of less than $300,000’ offer, the remaining band members made another announcement hoping to clear out the air. They said that the buyout offer ‘has been grossly mischaracterized‘ and stated that they feel certain that ‘clarity will come out in court.’

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