Late Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell’s widow, Vicky Cornell, shared a poem of writer Lexi Behrndt on her official Instagram account to share her feelings about the death of her beloved husband.

After giving a great show for the audience in May 2017 at Fox Theatre, Chris was found unconscious by his bodyguard in the hotel room. Unfortunately, he committed suicide by hanging himself and left his legacy in this world.

After the unexpected death of Chris, his wife, Vicky wanted to mourn his legacy every day and talked about him and his impressive work in the music industry often on social media. She even arranged tribute shows in honor of her late husband.

Recently on Instagram, to reveal why she has been talking about Chris for most of the time, Vicky used a poem by Lexi Behrndt. The poem displayed the reason why she liked to talk about Chris all the time and her pain which become a routine in her everyday life.

Here is what Vicky Cornell wrote:

“My truth…

I talk about him, because grief doesn’t need to be experienced silently, especially when the silence is fueled by stigma and shame.

I talk about him, because frankly, acknowledging him is more important than the discomfort of acquaintances. As much as I never want to alienate people, he’s as familiar to me now as the air that I am breathing.

I talk about him, because it’s my prerogative. In a culture of bravely making your own choices, no matter which direction others are going in, this is mine.”

“I talk about him, because it’s one way I process and feel. Feelings demand to be felt, I’m learning, and the stuffing and pushing aside doesn’t leave room for the wounds to heal.

I talk about him, not because I’m stuck or because I haven’t moved on, but I talk about him because I am his, and he is mine, and no passage of time will ever change that.”

Here’s how the poem continued:

“I talk about him, not because I’m constantly living in pain. I’m not anymore, but in my world, this is my normal, and I’d rather live honestly and out loud. Joy, love, happiness, and gratefulness are my everyday, but so are death, loss, heartache, and grief.

Even more so… I talk about him because I’m proud. I talk about him, because he deserves to be remembered. I talk about him, because even though he’s not physically with me, he’s never far from my mind.

I talk about him, because he’s part of me, a part that I could never ignore or disown. I talk about him because I love him still, and I always will. Forever. Nothing will ever change that.

This is my normal. I know it’s hard to understand, and maybe that’s okay. When it comes to loving him, I will not be silent or hide away, and the bottom line is that is okay, too.

Lexi Behrndt.”

You can check out the post below.