Recently on Twitter, former Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach clashed with the lead singer of Fozzy, Chris Jericho regarding his claims about Chris used pre-recorded vocal tracks during live shows.

The feud between two rock musicians started a few days ago when a fan on Twitter shared a tweet pointing out the resemblance between the recent look of Chris Jericho and Sebastian Bach. After Bach stated Chris mimed to a tape, a Fozzy fan defended Chris and said:

“You know he tours with his band, right? I’ve seen him live a couple of times. He’s not lip syncing.”

As a response to the fan, Sebastian Bach resembled Chris to Milli Vanilli who had to return their Grammy Awards after it was discovered they didn’t sing on their album and wrote:

“Cool let’s see a clip of that then because every single clip I have seen is Milli Vanilli.”

Moreover, Bach slammed Jericho over a statement by SiriusXM host Sebastian LeGreca implying Chris had a better live performance than Sebastian and commented:

“If there is one single clip of Chris Jericho singing live on the internet please post it. Would love to see just one clip.”

Fozzy vocalist Chris Jericho didn’t remain silent to the claims of Sebastian Bach and replied with an invitation to a sing-off on Twitter:

I’ve seen the derogatory comments towards me from somebody I considered to be a friend. So with that in mind, I’ll be happy to have a sing-off with Sebastian Bach!

No effects, no tuning, no bullshit. Bas is a great singer…but I’m better. You’ve got my number dude. Call me.

Furthermore, Sebastian shot back again and said:

“I’ve texted you three times no response. I will sing in your face anytime you want

You can see the tweets posted by Chris Jericho and Sebastian Bach on Twitter below.