During the recent interview with Full Metal Jackie on 95.5 KLOS Radio, Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho has revealed why he doesn’t compare his music to Metallica, KISS or AC/DC.

Here’s the statement:

“You see and hear about the bands that are doing really well, and then they meet up with that producer that takes them to the next stage.

I’m not comparing ourselves to Metallica or KISS or AC/DC, but when you see them working with Bob Rock for the first time, or KISS with Bob Ezrin, or AC/DC and Mutt Lange, they became a different band. We started working with a guy called Johnny Andrews in Atlanta. The last record, our first Top 30 single, ‘Lights Go Out’, that was written with Johnny. When this record was in its opening stages, Rich Ward and myself, we decided we wanted to work with a third party.

He and I had always been in charge. He and I would debate; he and I would make the decisions. It leads to a little bit of unrest, some arguing. We thought, ‘Let’s bring in a third party who’s now the principal. He’s the boss. Whatever he says goes.’ It’s funny, because I always wrote all the lyrics for Fozzy, and I submitted my 15 pieces and [he] basically figuratively threw them all in the trash. I think I had one or two that were used and one song title. You realize very early on, ‘Who is this guy coming in here to tell us what to do?’, but he had a vision. He said, ‘This is what I think you guys do best. You don’t do this good; you shouldn’t be doing it.’ Once Johnny was in charge, suddenly there was a bunch of three- and four-minute songs.

Most of them don’t even have guitar solos; most of them don’t even have Chris Jericho lyrics. Who the hell does this guy think he is? Then you realize he’s got a vision, and that’s all I can ask for. Once I realized he had a plan, I bought into it and realized, ‘It doesn’t matter who writes the lyrics. It doesn’t matter if there’s a guitar solo or a high scream. All that matters is the song itself’…

He continued:

“Now we know that Johnny Andrews was that missing ingredient. It wasn’t always easy to give up control of our band, but then you realize, it’s not giving up control — it’s doing what’s best for the band, and doing what’s best for the music. Even though I didn’t write the majority of the lyrics, I have to sing them. I have to introduce them to the world.

I have to go through those lyrics, internalize them and sing them about something that I can empathize with. Because that’s what singing is — it’s selling your words to people. It’s show business. Once I figured that out, suddenly, [I thought] ‘Did I write the lyrics for ‘Judas’? No, but I sing them like I did, because I understand where it’s coming from.’ That’s when I got a whole new respect for guys like Geddy Lee that are getting these crazy Neil Peart lyrics and have to sing about red barchettas and trees that are fighting and Xanadu.”

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