Fozzy lead singer Chris Jericho shared an Instagram post announcing the band will postpone the Save The World tour, which was planned to start in September, due to his throat injury.

Fozzy started their music career under the name Fozzy Osbourne, initially to cover Ozzy Osbourne‘s songs. After they decided to make their own music, the band entered the music world with their first self-titled album in October 2000. Fozzy became well-known and received recognition on a global scale as a result of its innovative live performances and sound.

The band’s lead singer, Chris Jericho, was and continues to be a professional wrestler before deciding to pursue a musical career with Fozzy. The fact that Chris is a professional wrestler and continues his career in WWE has lately caused the band to delay their tour. Chris recently injured his throat while wrestling at the ‘Quake By The Lake’ event in Minnesota.

The frontman shared an Instagram post on behalf of all of his bandmates, announcing that they will be postponing the first two weeks of Fozzy’s tour. Chris shared that his doctor suggested they postpone the first two weeks of their tour due to his severely bruised larynx. In the same post, he explained that although his throat is getting better, he still has not fully recovered and that they will postpone the first two weeks of Save the World Tour in order to speed up the recovery process. The tour was originally planned to start in September, but it is rescheduled to the spring of 2023.

In his Instagram post, Chris said that he is excited to recover and return to the stage as soon as possible:

“Important tour message from Fozzy!! On August 10, during the Quake By The Lake All Elite Wrestling event in Minneapolis, Chris suffered a throat injury that left him with a severely bruised larynx.

Unfortunately, even though the injury is healing and is not permanent, Chris hasn’t fully recovered, and his laryngologist has recommended that Fozzypostpone the first two weeks of the Save The World tour (scheduled to start in Columbus on September 8) in order to facilitate a full recovery as soon as possible.

The postponed shows have been moved to the Spring of 2023. The rescheduled dates can be found at! All purchased tickets remain valid for rescheduled dates! The next leg of the Save The World tour will now start on September 29 in Charlotte. Fozzy appreciates each and every one of you, and we can’t wait to rock with you again at full strength very soon!! – Chris, Rich, Billy, PJ & Grant”

You can check out Jericho’s recent Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Chris Jericho – Instagram