Fozzy’s Chris Jericho recently spoke to Sonic Perspectives for an interview and argued that they don’t write songs as Gene Simmons does.

On April 4, 2019, Fozzy announced starting to work on their eighth studio album named ‘2020.’ On August 23, Jericho debuted the album’s first single, ‘Nowhere To Run,’ later released on August 29, 2019.

After they had to push the album’s release to 2021, Fozzy decided to change its name. Later, they re-titled the album as ‘Boombox’ and released it on May 6, 2022. Speaking to Sonic Perspectives, Chris Jericho recently revealed the album’s writing process.

Jericho said they don’t have a catalog of 200 unreleased songs and don’t write like Gene Simmons. He then claimed they sometimes have some songs that don’t end up in an album, but that’s it.

According to Chris Jericho, they stop working on songs if they think they aren’t good enough, so all songs in ‘Boombox’ proved themselves worthy of being included in the album.

Speaking to Sonic Perspectives, Chris Jericho said the following:

We don’t write like Gene Simmons nor have a box set of 200 unreleased songs. We’ve never done that. Once in a while, there may be an extra song or two that isn’t strong enough to go on the record.

If we are working on something we know is not good, we stop. The 12 songs on this record are the ones we finished and recorded. It shows the strength of the songwriting to make sure that every song works and is worthy of being on the record. If not, we let it go.”

As it seems, Fozzy writes songs only when they start working on an album, unlike KISS’ Gene Simmons, who has had around 150 unreleased songs, which he released as a limited-edition box set.