Fozzy lead singer Chris Jericho spoke to Shout It Out Loudcast and expressed his thoughts and feelings about Skid Row’s breakup with their most known frontman Sebastian Bach saying they could have reached fame like Guns N’ Roses.

After the band’s lead singer Matt Fallon parted ways with the band, the remaining Skid Row members needed to find a new vocalist. They recruited Sebastian Bach following a very successful audition in 1987 after Jon Bon Jovi’s parents had seen him during a wedding and recommended him to their son’s friend, guitarist Dave Sabo.

Skid Row released many hit records with Bach, and both his voice and good looks drew significant attention. However, Bach parted his ways with Skid Row in 1996 and there were many rumors about the reason behind his departure. The most known one was his disagreement with the band members about opening for KISS.

During his interview, Jericho claimed that Skid Row could have been on the same level as Guns N’ Roses and Judas Priest. However, he later reconsidered his statement and said they could have been in the second tier if they hadn’t broken up. According to him, Bach’s decision to leave the band didn’t change their style but their destiny because they didn’t have the perfect rock star anymore.

Jericho highlighted that the girls admired Sebastian Bach a lot, and their heavy style and frontman would have helped Skid Row reach millions of audiences, but they lost this chance. It can be said that the singer isn’t holding a grudge against Bach as he praised him even after the relatively recent feud between them.

Jericho said in his interview the following:

“Had there not been a complete sea change and shift in musical styles, and had Sebastian and the guys not completely broken up forever, they could have been a Guns N’ Roses level, a Judas Priest level. Not an Iron Maiden level — not a Guns N’ Roses — but they could have been that second tier of main-event-level bands.

Because, two reasons — one, dudes like us like the music; heavier guys like Pantera like the music; and here’s the most important thing. You know what I’m gonna say. The chicks love the music and they love Sebastian Bach, who, at the time…

I used to say if you could go into a laboratory and you were a mad scientist and create the perfect rock star, Sebastian Bach would be the perfect rock star — all across the board; he checks every box in everything. So I think that’s another reason why Skid Row was able to bridge the gap. It could have even gone further because the girls really enjoyed the band as well.”

You can check out the interview below.