Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael has been participated in Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn’s ‘No Fuckin’ Regrets’ podcast last week and revealed the process of how he decided to stop drinking alcohol and the absence of drinking affects his whole life.

As you might already know Chris Kael is the replacement of Matt Snell after he decided to part ways with the band back in 2011. Later on, he has played bass in the third album of the band named ‘American Capitalist’ which was released in 2011 and he’s the bassist and back vocalist of the band since then.

In his latest interview with Robb Flynn, Chris Kael has talked about when and why he decided to stay sober and the process of getting divorced just after he got out of rehabilitation. Chris admitted that life is a lot happier after stop drinking and he feels more productive after he got out of rehab.

“I was doing blow, but I realized when I went to rehab, I was always the key bump guy. So just keeping the levels up just enough to fight any sort of depression. And then also through that time, Ivan was very much the focus of the issues that he was going through at that point.

No surprise and no secrets there — we’ve all seen the stuff that happened back then. But he was the focal point for everybody. So I was kind of able to hide in the background while he was dealing with his stuff. So I got to slide under the radar most of the time.”

He continued:

“The real decline for me started maybe two months before I cleaned up. Just life situations — I was going through a divorce at the time… We got divorced after I got out of rehab, but the process had kind of been started before. And honestly, my goal going into rehab was — I wrote a note; she may still have it; I’m sure she probably does.

It was basically, like, ‘Hey, I’m going to get help’ and become the guy that she married in the first place and not this person I had become. So I very much wanted to get back and get out of rehab and go back to being married and whatnot. But it changed. And it was real bad probably the last three weeks of it. I didn’t get too out of control.

I basically ended up in just like a real depressed period, and I decided, ‘Fuck, man. I can’t do this anymore.’ I called my buddy Greg, and he took me to rehab that day. And it was the weakest I’ve ever felt in my life, walking into that rehab. But then once I got out of rehab, I was, like, that’s the fucking strongest I’ve ever been, is admitting that I can’t deal with this and I need to figure something else out.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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