Former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade recently talked about his favorite songs of the band during an appearance on Vinyl Writer Music.

As you may already know, Chris Slade joined AC/DC back in 1989 and played with them until 1994 and during that period, they recorded ‘The Razors Edge.’ He returned to the band almost a decade later, in 2015, so as to replace Phil Rudd who was under house arrest but rejoined the band last year.

In the conversation, Chris talked about his favorite AC/DC songs that they played live and said that one of his most loved ones is ‘Rock Your Heart Out’ even though they performed it live only once or twice.

Chris also pointed out that he really likes ‘Thunderstruck‘ which is one of the most loved and sold AC/DC songs in the world. According to Chris, it is impossible to forget the experience of playing such a great song live.

The interview asked the following question:

“Do you have a favorite song from the AC/DC catalog that you played live?”

To which Chris Slade responded:

“Well, funnily enough, one of my favorites we never played – we did play it once or twice – is ‘Rock Your Heart Out‘ on ‘The Razors Edge.’ To me, that felt different, sounded different. But of course, how could I forget ‘Thunderstruck‘?”

More in the conversation, Chris also talked about his early career as well as his time with AC/DC and also praised Led Zeppelin’s iconic guitarist Jimmy Page by saying that he is a great musician.