During a recent conversation on The Pit’s podcast named Last Words, Lacuna Coil’s frontwoman Christina Scabbia talked about how the pandemic has affected the band’s creative process and discussed whether there’s going to be any new music coming soon.

Christina Scabbia is one of the most well-known vocalists in the gothic metal scene and she reached mainstream fame as Lacuna Coil’s lead vocalist when she joined the band in the late ’90s. Lacuna Coil concluded their last tour in February 2020, right when the pandemic started spreading throughout the world, and since then they have been patiently waiting for this nightmare to be over.

As you probably know, Lacuna Coil is an Italian gothic metal band and its members reside in Italy, where COVID-19 had hit the hardest in 2020. This has made this already difficult period even more challenging for them and has prevented the band members from continuing to work on new music.

In her recent interview, Christina Scabbia said that they haven’t been working on anything new for a year because they didn’t want their music to be connected with this period as it isn’t a subject that any of them want to talk about. She went on to say that this challenging period will definitely affect their next record, but that they want to limit this influence as much as possible.

She went on to say that it has been really hard for them to find any source of inspiration as inspiration can be derived from traveling, gaining new experiences, meeting people, and seeing new cultures. Scabbia went on to say that in the past, they had been inspired by negative experiences because they still are forms of experience, but added that this is impossible during the pandemic as the ‘situation is really static.’

Here’s what Scabbia said during the interview when asked about whether they have been working on new music during the pandemic:

“To be honest, no, because we didnt want any of our music to be connected with this period because it wasn’t something that we wanted to talk about. Of course, unconsciously, it will be inspiring us for the next record, because everything you live translates into music and lyrics unconsciously.

The thing is that when you write a new record, it’s because you’re inspired by something. But if you don’t travel, if you don’t live experiences, if you don’t meet new people and [see] new cultures, I find it hard to find inspiration only through movies and — I don’t know — series on TV. I need to live to be inspired, and the same for the guys.”

I feel really inspired when something bad is happening, but at least something is happening, and I’m living it. But this situation is really static.”

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