Testament’s Chuck Billy recently spoke about Dave Lombardo‘s reunion with the band and addressed whether their new album will include the drummer.

Like many other rock bands, Testament experienced several lineup changes throughout their career. The band’s founder Eric Peterson is the only stable member of Testament, and the band currently consists of Peterson, Chuck Billy, Alex Skolnick, Steve Di Giorgio, and Dave Lombardo.

Dave Lombardo joined the band in the late ’90s and was involved in their album ‘The Gathering.’ However, his tenure was short, and he left the group at the end of 1999. Recently, the band gave exciting news by announcing the return of Lombardo to Testament. He replaced Gene Hoglan, who left the band two months before Lombardo joined.

The band is on tour with Lombardo, and their fans naturally wonder if the drummer will stick around to release a new album with the group. This subject was addressed in a recent interview with Chuck Billy, and he replied by revealing that they have talked about that.

Without giving many details, Billy was optimistic about releasing an album. They aim to have fun together by jamming and seeing where that will take them. The band’s guitarist has a few riffs that they plan to play with during the tour and see if that’ll take them to a new album.

Here is what Billy said about Lombardo’s involvement in a new album:

“Yeah, we’ve talked about that. We’re not making plans, so let’s see what happens. We’re enjoying jamming, hanging out, going out on the road, and having some fun. Eric does just happen to have a bunch of riffs, so maybe some time on tour, they could jam and see what happens.”

In the 1999 album ‘The Gathering,’ they had a good process in the creation part. With his improvising, Lombardo had magic-like contributions to the album. Both the band and the fans hope that this contribution will also be present in the new album if they are to create one.