Testament’s Chuck Billy recently gave an interview to the Sobre La Dosis YouTube channel and revealed his favorite Testament album.

Titans of Creation‘ was released as Testament’s thirteenth studio album in 2020. Unfortunately, this was their last work to feature drummer Gene Hoglan. In January 2022, the band announced that they parted ways with the drummer due to his heavy schedule. However, his departure led the band to replace him with Dave Lombardo, who had previous experience working with them.

Apart from a band member’s departure, the record gained success as it peaked at number 96 on US Billboard 200 and number 4 on UK Rock & Metal Albums charts. Moreover, the album has received positive reviews from critics, and fans have already put the album in their favorite Testament releases of all time.

Chuck Billy was asked three questions during a recent interview, including one about his favorite Testament album. Apparently, their fans aren’t alone in thinking ‘Titans of Creation’ is one of their most outstanding records. As the rocker indicated their last album as his favorite, he emphasized that they musically evolved, and their sound improved in time.

Furthermore, Chuck Billy stated that the band got better instead of getting corrupted in their 39 years of existence with his words. He explained how important it is for them to keep working to create new stuff instead of sticking with the old. He mentioned that this is what makes them get better with age.

Billy’s response to the question follows:

“I would have to say is the latest one. Just because you know, I feel after 30 something years, we’re still able to be creative and come up with new stuff and push ourselves and our limits of what we do for songwriting and performance. So I think we’re getting like wine, getting better with age.

You can watch the whole interview below.