Quiet Riot’s bassist Chuck Wright recently spoke about leaving the band and being replaced by Rudy Sarzo. The bassist stated that the replacement didn’t surprise him at all.

Chuck Wright joined Quiet Riot back in 1982 and contributed to the release of six of their studio albums. He has been on and off with the band, and while he wasn’t there, he worked with notable names like Alice Cooper and Slash. In 2021 the bassist toured for the last time with Quiet Riot, and then he was replaced by their original bassist Rudy Sarzo.

Rudy Sarzo first joined Quiet Riot in 1978 and released four albums with them. Thanks to being present in the band’s earlier years, the bassist was known to have a prominent place in the lineup. However, he didn’t have a steady tenure with Quiet Riot. He worked with Ozzy Osbourne and made sure he got a name for one of the greatest bass players of rock music.

He recently returned home and joined Quiet Riot replacing Chuck Wright. The latter talked about being replaced and stated that it didn’t come as a shock to him. He also noted that it was good timing for him to end his ventures with the band as he is finishing up his solo record and is ‘burned out’ from all the touring since 2011.

Here are Wright’s words about leaving Quiet Riot:

“Did it surprise me? No. It’s happened three or four times maybe before, so it didn’t surprise me, honestly. And truthfully, it couldn’t have come at a better time for me because I was finishing up my solo record. And I’d been on the road since 2011 constantly, and I was just burnt. So I was ready for a break from it, honestly. So, to me, it was welcome.

When I got the call, I was like, ‘You’re doing me a favor because if I keep doing this kind of schedule, it’s going to kill me.’ Because it was pretty brutal, we were taking red-eye flights and had no sleep ever. It was pretty brutal. And it’s still like that. I saw their schedule. I’m glad I’m at home and working. So it’s all good for me.”

You can watch the stream below.