Slipknot’s iconic percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan was recently interviewed by the NME, and he revealed a really sad incident which ‘Tortilla Man’ had during the current Europe tour.

In the talk, the Clown mentioned that this tour is really different from the others because they give the %190 of their efforts. Because of this, the newest member of Slipknot, Tortilla Man, bled out on the stage on 24th January at the Birmingham show.

Here is what NME asked:

“What have you done to step things up for the live experience on this current tour?”

Clown replied:

“This is probably the hardest setlist that we’ve ever had. I judge it more off things that I have to do temperature-wise. There’s a projection that we have to give with the songs.

You either give 100% or 190%, and this set is just 190% throughout. New Guy was a bleeder last night [in Birmingham, UK, on January 24]. There was a lot of blood on stage. This set is different and the blood just proves it – something got out of line.”

NME asked:

“Are there any other big challenges on your bucket list for Slipknot?”

Here is what Clown said:

“Oh, man. There are a million. I want to play Hong Kong just so I can eat food. I’d like to eventually play Hawaii on the band’s dollar.

It’s the same dream: get up there for 90 minutes. That’s the closest to God that I’m going to get. That’s the focus of everything still.”

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